Hosts of the Show

Rodolfo Blanquicett

While openly admitting to being ethnically ambiguous, Rodolfo claims to have been born in Brazil, raised in Colombia, spent much of his youth in Spain, and currently resides in the Chicagoland area. He is a professional ballroom dancer, specializing in Latin dance. He is also formally trained in archeology and has won several South American Youth Football [Soccer] championships, but above all, Rodolfo’s passion lies in the strength and artistic beauty of high-performance vehicles.

Jamie Whyte

Jamie, a native of England, of 50:50 English and Scottish descent, originally from a small village a stone’s throw from Chester, a minor lapse in judgement from Liverpool, and a mere jaunt from Manchester is our resident figure skating coach. A national champion in ice dance, Jamie is now a high level coach in the sport. National and Olympic Champions from around the world seek out Jamie’s eye for technical perfection. With a taste for the finer things, this on-ice perfectionist is just as passionate and picky when it comes to cars…and everything else for that matter!
Production Team

Mary McIntyre

Mary McIntyre is DownShift’s business strategist. Mary has spent her career charting strategy for science and technology in both the public and private sector. In her free time, she offers consulting expertise to tech start-ups and is passionate about training our future generations in STEM-related fields. What brought Mary to DownShift is her love of technology and the ability to interact with the latest advancements of the auto industry.

Cory Weber

Cory has been involved in TV production since he was 15, he had his directorial debut when he was 17 years old directing live political events for public access tv. He also directed children TV shows and spent nearly a decade directing live image magnification for conferences and church services. Professionally, Cory holds a Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology and a Master of Science in Operations Management and Information Systems. He spent 12 years designing and building software and hardware for environmental research and now works as an Internet of Things Consultant architecting software and solutions to connect world around us. Cory’s hobbies include 3d printing and mechanical design, directing and producing videos, boating, and traveling. He is a proud member of the maker movement. What brought Cory to downshift was his passion for technology and his love of production.
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